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An internationally loved Tantric Consciousness ~ Energy Healing Teacher bringing us the ancient wisdom of healing, liberation and expansion applicable to the modern age.

For ten years he apprenticed under Maestro Alexander Kahan, of the mystic lineage of G.I. Gurdjieff (Osho’s teacher) and Jean De Salzman (of the Tibetan Sacred Movements) training in consciousness exercises and meditation 3 times a day, every day, for ten years.

Living in India, in Amadebad, Gujarat, Elét learned the ancient Ayurvedic Medicine System from Dr. Mukesh Paneri and his father Dr. Bhavanishanker Paneri of the Surajmalji Sharma lineage, whom is world renown for curing Parkinson’s disease.

In Mysore, Karnataka, he worked personally with two-time World Champion of Yoga title holder, Bharat Shetty, learning Krishnamacharya lineage Asana Practice, receiving his Yoga Teacher’s Certification and Namakarana (Name Giving Ceremony)

In a refugee camp in the India Himalayas, he was initiated by His Holiness, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th DALAI LAMA, spiritual leader of Tibet, into the highly secretive esoteric Anasura (Highest-Path) Tantra Karachakra Pranayama (energy control) practices for the good of all man-kind.

Influenced by ancient Arurvedic principles, traditional yoga awakening, and tantric energy healing, he then worked under Dr. Rama Komarpaj, in Kovalam Kerala, the only remaining living adept of the ancient Buddhist Jivaka Komarabhacca lineage of healers to develop his unique Nuad-Bo-Rarn (Thai massage therapy).

Coming home, Elét continued his inner journey for over four years in an almost silent meditation retreat in the Catskill Mountains.

As a result of his focused 20 years of constant energetic spiritual practice, he discovered the power of spiritual-energy (God) transmission, derived from the gift of Shaktipat and the ancient art of laying-on of hands.

There is a Universal Vibration sustaining all things. Elét directs this Energy through his body, directly into the recipients’, into their cellular memory, allowing recreation to occur at the core levels of being, healing physical ailments, releasing emotional traumas and awakening God-consciousness. The miraculous healing of physical, emotional and sexual trauma is now well documented.

As a conduit of God Consciousness his work will open you to your truth, an ecstatic expression of All There Is.

the new scene of an old science

“Elét is a conduit of God.” An internationally loved Tantric Energy Healing Teacher bringing us the ancient wisdom of healing, liberation and expansion made powerfully practical today. 


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